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Dissertation is an integral component of every student’s life; a compulsion if he or she is interested in completing a PhD course successfully. Since this kind of course requires you to research about a topic and write something which is free of plagiarism, students face difficulties of different forms. One of the most common among them arises when they have to write a decent proposal. Most of the students are unaware of the procedure and the pattern involved in writing such a proposal in the right way.

In the modern era, most of the professors hardly have any quality time to spare for their students. Only a few students are fortunate enough to get the supervision of professors while writing a dissertation in the correct format. However, for the remaining ones, the task turns out to be extremely difficult. Since the question is related to their career, the students generally do not prefer to take any kind of risk. Crafting a report that stands in accordance with the accepted norms is considered to be a major problem. Other challenges faced by students include the choice of the right topic, finding and assessing the literature that is related to the chosen topic, and writing a proposal in brief.

Plagiarism is another common issue faced by the students. They know that their grades will be affected greatly if they do not create something which is completely original. Technological advancements have led to the development of various tools which can be used for checking the originality of any kind of document. Gone are the days when students could get away by submitting dissertations after copying them from some other book or text. Now students can get expert help for ensuring an original proposal.

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