Research methods for a dissertation

A dissertation can be a masterpiece or disaster. It solely depends upon the methodology chosen for the research. This choice can turn a nightmare for some if not done properly. However, the approach of the research can be either qualitative or quantitative. Quantitative data is useful particularly when you wish to discover how common the people smoke cigarettes. The data can be based on sources and statistics. Whereas the Qualitative data will help you know the reason behind the addiction to such practice. The collection of data will be through interviews and surveys

The dissertation can either be Inductive or Deductive. Deductive research will be theory testing. It is linked to the existing statistics or sources while the inductive research will be theory generating as based on interviews and surveys.

Depending upon the topic chosen for research the approach can go in two ways. It can be Empirical or Theoretical. The former will include the close analysis of the statistics and the latter will include a bit more challenging work of comparing the theories and findings.

Now as the whole data is collected it has to be molded into an ideal shape. The design must contain the research question. Once the question is completely explained the next work is to mention the approach towards research, Source of data and methods of data analysis. Collection of the data and putting up into a design will have to be managed with the time. The proper time management can impart a professional touch to your work.

Many researchers have a common question, ‘Can their work be entirely literature-based? ’

The answer is yes. Depending upon the topic of dissertation it can be entirely literature-based. If the research is a theoretical one, it will include the selection and analysis of the data collected. As the whole research will linger around the reviews, theories and evaluations so it will give dissertation a literary approach.

An important precaution to be taken is the knowledge is of the method used and its aptness with the topic and the question.

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