Citations Check

Isn’t it difficult to manage citations which you have been collecting for so many years throughout your PhD? Before you move on to submit your dissertation, it is better to keep a track of your citations and make sure that it has been organized properly. After the successful completion of dissertation, it is the time to compile and check authenticity of all the references and citations you collected over all this period of time.

If you are running out of time or unable to revise the citations, Dissertation Revision provides their expert team to crosscheck all your citations, detect the errors, and correcting the same. Citations and Bibliographies are the major components of your dissertation but are overlooked by the students. It should be borne in mind that citations and bibliographies can actually make your dissertation stand rejected; for the reason could be improper format, missing source information, or misplaced citation etc. Under our citations check & correction services, we rectify all the errors that are most likely to occur by making sure that following things are kept in mind while citing:

  • Who is the author?
  • Why the source is created?
  • Where, when and in what medium was it published?
  • Has it been updated in any other edition?
  • Did the author has cited another source? If yes, who did they cite?
  • What is your intended audience and is it different from the audience of your author?

If these answering these things affects your citations and references, we correct them by researching on the sources you mentioned. We check the authenticity of the citation and the context in which the information was placed. It happens several times that the cited source actually says something completely different which you intended to say but you have cited it with the aim of supporting your argument. In such a case, the citation is used incorrectly. We guide, assist and correct your citations and all the references made in your dissertation. Our citation check services and correction service provides the complete assistance for:

  • Correctly annotated Bibliography
  • In-text citations, graph citations, and reference list
  • Documentary-note and parenthetical citation style
  • Citations in APA, MLA, CMS, Turabian or any other format

Revise the citations of your dissertation with our experts. We assure that after our work, you will get correct citations, references and bibliographies in the university prescribed format. For more information about our citation check services, you can drop us a mail at .