Plagiarism Check

Could anything be worse for a PhD student other than getting the dissertation rejected? And how would you feel that the reason is the plagiarized content unknowingly present in your dissertation? University strictly prohibits any sort of intentional or unintentional plagiarism in the research dissertation. Since there is no exact possible way to make sure that no other person has done the same thing that you have been thinking to do in your dissertation and research, student unknowingly falls in trap of plagiarism. Editors at Dissertation Revision are called perfectionists for their proficiency in detecting and removing the plagiarized content from the academic papers.

We understand that nobody wants their dissertation to be the subject of contempt & ridicule due to the stigma of plagiarism tagged. Therefore, we are always in the process of bringing advanced techniques useful for avoiding the plagiarism. Read below to find how we manage to detect & remove plagiarism from your dissertation:

  1. I need to check if my dissertation consists any plagiarized content or not. Can you only run a plagiarism check?
    Yes, we run plagiarism check through the advanced tools as well as manually. You will be provided with a detailed plagiarism report in which the sources and copied content is highlighted along with suggestions how to remove it. However, charges for plagiarism removal and plagiarism check services differ.
  2. As per your report, there is 6% plagiarism present in my dissertation, will you remove it?
    No, we only pick up a dissertation project with a minimum 15% plagiarized content. If our report shows a low plagiarism density than 15%, we do not provide our plagiarism services in such case.
  3. What would you do to remove it? How do you manage doing it?
    We have access to a wide range of journal papers, and university libraries which enables us to study and analyze sufficiently to remove the plagiarized content. This is how we do it:

    • By citing the other research’s work legitimately
    • By quoting the informative statements or arguments provided the source alongwith
    • By understanding and writing the information in a unique way interpreted by the student
    • By providing a complete reference list for each piece of information took from the other researchers
    • By paraphrasing the information with maintaining its essence and giving the credits to original author
  4. My supervisor asked me to beware of self-plagiarism but I don’t know what it is. Can you help me with it if you find it in my dissertation?
    Yes, we pay focused attention to the self-plagiarism that a PhD student is likely to occur. Self-plagiarism is defined as the usage of the same information in a paper with similar or different context which earlier has been put forward by the same author. Even when if it is originally produced by you and you are using it in some other paper without proper attributions, it is considered as self- plagiarism. Our editors, in such case, require both of your research works involved.
  5. How can I contact you and be sure that you have removed the plagiarized content?

After the process completion of plagiarism removal, you are provided with:

  • An unedited copy of your dissertation and a plagiarism report
  • An edited copy of your dissertation after plagiarism removal with a report to see the progress on work done

To get more information about our plagiarism removal and plagiarism check services, you can reach to us at or give us a call at 800 123 3456