The reason most of the students opt for professional proofreading services is that they find it tough to spot out the errors because for spotting the faults in one’s writing becoming a critic is a must becoming a critic, student fails to recognize any error by himself because each of it is his composition, thus, partiality will occur. When you proofread your work, you are so familiar with yourself that your mind reads only what you must have written rather what you actually wrote. Therefore, the best option available for a student is to get it proofread by others and if done by experts is like icing on the cake.

At Dissertation Revision, choose our PhD dissertation proofreading services in US to get prepared with the final stage of dissertation preparation and want to get it scanned by the eagle eyes while making sure that is free of any minor or major mistakes.

We take a complete track of:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Typography
  • Punctuation
  • Language style
  • Capitalization Issues
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Double spaces between characters
  • Missing headings or titles in tables

Why people are choosing us?

  • Unlike others, we do not use grammar check software since the computer is unable to understand the complexities of sentence structure and prefer do it manually.
  • We rectify the typos by spotting the mistakes through running spellcheck on computer as well as manually.
  • We go through your dissertation multiple times looking for different aspect each time. Such as first we will go through looking for typos, second time for punctuation and so on.
  • Dissertation is thoroughly checked both through computer and with pen and paper. However, you will get the proofread document in soft copy only in track changing mode.

We offer PhD dissertation proofreading services in US under which all of your punctuation and grammatical aspects are taken care of by native US & UK editors. Our skilful editors are proficient in proofreading the academic research documents. For more information regarding our services or to get free quote, you are requested to write in to us at