Case Study 1

Joe Francis is a PhD candidate at Capella University. He submitted his dissertation to the doctoral review committee, but it was later alleged of minor plagiarism which returned his dissertation back and asked to make modifications, and revision. He did the corrections himself and again submitted it, but this time issues in APA formatting along with plagiarism brought out into notice which returned his dissertation back and asked to improve it all over again. These two rejections were enough to distress him and left him aimlessly drifting between supervisor and the service-providers for removing plagiarism. After he had consulted 2-3 firms for help in removing plagiarism, he didn’t find them useful enough. He attempted removing plagiarism, referencing and formatting himself but in vain. Let us discuss what struggles acted as great hindrances for successful dissertation submission such as why he rejected the initial firms for plagiarism removal services? Did he manage to revise the plagiarized dissertation by himself? If yes, then how?

1. Hi, Joe! Have you submitted your dissertation to your university?

Yes. I did it only a few months ago. After so many failed attempts, finally I got it successfully submitted and approved. Now, I’m preparing myself for my viva defense.

2. Why “failed attempts”? Were there any problems with your dissertation or any other discrepancy?

Unfortunately, it was my dissertation itself. A strange situation occurred in my case; I reached up very close to the PhD viva when plagiarized sections were found in my dissertation by one or two of the members of the doctoral review committee. It went unidentified by me and unspotted by the advisor but caught by the reviewers. It was kept on hold, and investigation committee was set up to check whether there was minor plagiarism or major. But to me a little relief, it was minor plagiarism in literature review chapter and discussion; thus I was duly asked to make modifications and corrections.

3. So what actions did you take to get it done right and get rid of plagiarism?

Because I wrote it all myself and were so much into it, I took two months to revise it and to see, where I made mistakes. I tried to reference each opinion, idea and figure but got to know that references are dislocated in actual and poorly cited in the dissertation. Feeling trapped, I visited many companies and professionals for help but found none of them reliable. Some used poor techniques, some only use anti-plagiarism tools, in fact, I availed plagiarism removal services from one such company (don’t want to disclose the name) but the result was the ruined formatting of the dissertation. I submitted the edited dissertation as it is to my university which backfired and rejected. Neither my money was refunded, nor did it make any improvement rather worsen my situation.

4. In your case, failure of professionals is evident. Anyways, what then did you do?

Yes, but only of SOME professionals. I came to know about the services of Dissertation Revision through an online forum where two people were discussing the service-quality of this firm. Due to my past horrible experience, reluctantly I gave one chance to the company. And their plagiarism check and removal services made my dissertation complete and all done well.

5. How Dissertation Revision helped you?

The experts at Dissertation Revision corrected all the errors and flaws and made by others in my dissertation. They relocated my lost references, properly cited them as per APA and also rectified ruined APA formatting of my dissertation. My experience was good as they saved not only my dissertation but also my reputation as a PhD candidate. Many thanks to the entire team of Dissertation Revision who all took the responsibility of my dissertation’s improvement. Thanks!

Note: Joe contacted the team of Dissertation Revision for plagiarism removal and other corrections. The interview was taken when Joe was satisfied with the services of Dissertation Revision provided to him and published with his consent.