Case Study 3

Rosaline Edmund is PhD candidate at Walden University. Her dissertation got rejected with a long checklist of the corrections or changes her dissertation chair asked to make. She was sure that her dissertation would win her PhD because she worked hard and kept tracking the standard of her dissertation throughout the course. But her dissertation rejection made her devastated; time was slipping off her hands, and she was standing being unfamiliar with the troubles. She tried her best to make sense of feedback but she didn’t know what the flaws in her dissertation are and why are they at fault. Were there any writing-related issues or research work? Had she chosen a wrong methodology or was there some problem with her conclusion? Rosaline shares her experience of revising dissertation when she had less time and major revisions to do.

1. Hi, Rosaline. Have you your dissertation approved by the doctoral committee?

Not yet. I revised my complete dissertation all over and just received it officially approved by the advisor. Hopefully, I will submit it to the committee by the coming week.

2. Why did you have to revise it from the start? Would you share with us what the mistakes in your dissertation were?

I didn’t revise it from the start; it is nearly impossible for me to revise or edit it completely. There were some important sections which advisor found problematic such as the literature review chapter could have been more critical, discussion, results and findings chapter and conclusion could have been more strong and influential. So, I had to review half of the dissertation again within a short period which was no less than a cumbersome task. I already spent a good deal of time for writing the dissertation that I could not afford to delay submission.

3. How did you do it? What are the difficulties you faced while correcting them?

I was dying to run out of this academia because after completing my entire dissertation like writing, editing, proofreading and all set to go for defense. I was 100% sure that my dissertation is powerful as my research topic was unique and good and I made sure that everything was going smoothly. Advisor regularly reviewed my dissertation on a weekly basis, but it was out of my understanding how come such major things go wrong with the dissertation. Firstly you see, rewriting your literature review requires finding more research papers relevant to my objectives, more critical review or analysis of those studies, and then writing them without dismantling the context is not something you can do in a matter of days unless you are an expert. Secondly, discussion chapter was ambiguous, to resolve the issues, I had to reconsider data analysis. Then same goes with results and findings, which I tried doing it but all efforts were in vain. I couldn’t do it, and I knew it was trying to flogging the dead horse and wasting my time.

4. It was a tough situation for you. Did you give up or dropped PhD?

At one point, I thought I must give up. I was shattered of course, but then I realized that it’s not only me who has got it rejected but many like me. And I must thank my advisor for his honest review before the final submission because at least I got some time to improve my dissertation. What if I get to know this once it reached to the doctoral committee? So, I decided that I must get over it and should ask someone to help. One of my colleagues asked me to choose professional revision services and gave me a brief of Dissertation Revision. He opted for the editing services from them, and the work they did was of the standard which facilitated his dissertation submission. So, I contacted them to know if they could help me also in some way or the other as I could not waste more time crying.

5. Did Dissertation Revision solve your problems? If yes, how?

Yes. They did exceptional work for my dissertation I must say. They rewrote my literature review, added some more references, made some parallelism and relevance to my scope of the study, and established the overall context. For discussion, results and findings, they performed data analysis again and some other statistical tests needed for checking the validity and reliability of the results drawn from, and finally, the conclusion was rewritten by them. All these things were completed around 20 days. Their timely delivery and standard work made a great improvement in the dissertation. Advisor approved it once he reviewed and appeared satisfied with these ultimate revision. With his consent, I will be submitting it to the committee and hope it will be successfully approved. All credit goes to the team of Dissertation Revision. I heartily thank them.