Top 10 Challenges Faced by Researchers in Developing Countries →

Research requires several ingredients; some difficult to manage, while others are difficult to arrange. It is done by a single individual, but requires the acceptance/approval of several others; guides, supervisors, defense committee members, interviewees, focus group members, etc. In developing nations, research is in its incessant stage. Researchers face challenges in choosing a research topic, […]

Rejected dissertation knocked you down? Tips to come back with a bang. →

Your dissertation holds a very important place in your life as a doctoral candidate but it doesn’t need to be the only important thing. I know it took you years to complete and come up with this dissertation to present it to your chair, but a rejected dissertation doesn’t mean your life or academic career […]

Build Your Career in a Smarter Way →

Dissertation is an integral component of every student’s life; a compulsion if he or she is interested in completing a PhD course successfully. Since this kind of course requires you to research about a topic and write something which is free of plagiarism, students face difficulties of different forms. One of the most common among […]