Difference between APA and MLA formats

If you are going to start writing your academic paper, then you should first know about different formatting styles. Format and style are the two important things that should be followed while writing an academic paper.  Every university and institution prefers different formatting style and your academic paper needs to be formatted as per the instructions of that university.  Hence, it is important for students to get familiarize themselves with different formatting styles. If we have a look at the formatting styles, we will find APA and MLA to be the most common formatting styles preferred by most of the universities.  APA formatting is used commonly in academic papers like – dissertations, thesis, assignments etc.

Most of the time, it happens that the students do not get enough time to focus on the formatting styles. Such students can give their work to dissertation editing companies like – dissertationrevision.com to format their research paper as per the instructions of the university. These editing firms take the manuscript written by you and revise it following the rules and guidelines of your university. The dissertation editing companies have well experienced editors who do this work for you. They are known to have a vast experience and are used to work on different formatting style. They are familiar with almost all the formatting styles and you can be assured about the quality of your research paper. As we discussed above, APA and MLA are two common formatting styles preferred by a majority of the universities.  But, does anybody know the difference between both the formats? Below is the list of differences between APA and MLA formats –

  • APA stands for American Psychological Association, where as MLA stands for Modern Language Association.
  • The APA format includes the names of the authors, editors and references instead of bibliography. The MLA format includes the names of authors, editors and references using parenthetical citations.
  • When listing multiple works by the same author in APA format, you need to make a list in chronological order, where as in MLA format you need to follow alphabetical order.
  • While writing article titles in APA format, you should capitalize the first word, whereas, in MLA format, you should use quotation marks for titles.
  • Papers written in APA format needs abstract, where as papers written in MLA format needs no abstract.
  • APA format papers include a separate title page, where as MLA format papers do not include a separate title page.

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